Natural Living with Essential Oils


Photo courtesy of doTerra.

One of the biggest changes you can make in your home to help the healing process is to reduce toxic chemicals and cleaners.  It’s not always practical to eliminate it all 100%, but make your choices about what items you can switch!

I’ve found that converting my commercial cleaners to DIY homemade versions, was not only better for my health, but cheaper too!  That’s why I use doTerra essential oils.

Filling an empty spray bottle with a few ounces of vinegar, topped off with tap water and 15-30 drops of essential oils is so simple!  And the best part is that my kids can help clean counters or floors, and baby can crawl across the dried floor with no danger of ill side-effects!

I don’t have to worry about their exposure to nasty formulas.  

Not only can I clean with a safer spray, but I use Lavender to relax at night, Breathe to soothe my kids when a bug is going around school, or Past Tense to ease a tension during a headache.  There are so many more uses, I hope you’ll check them out here at my business site where you can find single oils, blends and other products.

You like do-it-yourself natural living projects?  Try some of these and let me know how it goes.

PS: Here’s a great easy recipe for YOGA MAT SPRAY.