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Fitness Quest Mama-kayak

Fitness Quest Mama, photo taken Summer 2015.

If you reading this then you have stumbled upon the beginnings of this blog, from April 2016 through July 2016, when it began as Fitness Quest Mama-see links below.  I’m glad you’re here because the present wouldn’t exist without the journey of the past.  It began for me when, after over a month of resting postpartum, I was feeling ready to exercise.   (My husband and I have four blessings here on earth and also have a heavenly baby who was born into the arms of Jesus through miscarriage 2 years prior in July 2014.)

At 6 weeks postpartum I began doing 7-minute workouts.  A few wall push-ups, some squats, leg lifts and punches just to get the body warmed up.  I used my own body weight as resistance, at that time weighing 213 pounds.  I had lost all of my weight gained from the pregnancy itself, but still had the depression weight there from a miscarriage in 2014, and I was completely ready to shed it.  Time to lose the sadness pounds because I was overjoyed to welcome our new little one!  My motivation was up, and so I joined Beachbody online at 8-weeks postpartum.

PiYo, a fusion of pilates and yoga, was the regime I chose and it had me pumped!  I loved the trainer, Chalene, and her spunky personality.  My favorite day on rotation was Sweat day!  I was journalling my progress and then…it happened, six weeks later.  Like a wall in front of me that I couldn’t avoid crashing into, I came to a dead stop.  Shaking during workouts.  Trouble recovering after pushing myself.  Fatigue so deep, like walking through knee-high mud.  My IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), long since been under control through a gluten and dairy free diet, started acting up.  Brain fog that caused me to doubt myself and feel off balance.  Something was terribly wrong.

These blog entries will get you started with the adventure prior to my diagnosis.  I feel emotional about it because I was trying so hard, without knowing my silent enemy: Hashimoto’s disease.  I thank God for bringing me to a place of knowing the name for it.

Love, Jessica


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