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AIP pear pie baking aftermath.

Makes a heck of a mess in the kitchen but my favorite right now (and of last year) is still the AIP Pear Caramel Pie, page 300 in The Auto Immune Paleo Cookbook .  Satisfying a sweet tooth with none of the forbidden foods within the recipe is not to be sniffed at!  I recently related a struggle (by email) to my AIP accountability person.

Feast your eyes on our correspondence.

Morning.  August 22, 2017
Hello again,
Today was another day where I opened and closed the fridge and emotionally decided to do an AIP breakfast.  The temptation is very great  to have toast or cereal for breakfast. I cannot stress enough how much of a battle it is to make a choice for AIP.  But it is a battle I signed up for and I am trying, even in my weakness, to do this healing for my body.  Eating has become a spiritual thing,  or I am just more aware that it has always been spiritual.
I chose beef, zucchini, onions, coconut oil in the pan.  Black tea, coconut milk, 1T of gelatin, and 1t stevia (non-AIP).
Lunch is not yet planned.  Kids have 1st day of school tomorrow & lots of getting ready for that = not much meal planning for mom.
I’ll write again later to give you update on other meals.
Sipping lemon water with stevia (stevia is non-AIP),
August 22, 2017. Hello again,
I made it.  Stress.  Under-the-weather.  4 kids.  Back to school chaos.  Fussy baby.
I made an AIP pear pie, recipe from Mickey Trescott’s book.  I ate a slice this afternoon.
Then I ate a slice just now.  If I’m going to stress eat, I might as well do AIP recipes.
I have broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini on the stovetop right now & turkey patties broiling in the oven.  I’ll have that with a side salad of fresh greens for supper.
Also, as I was going through the AIP cookbook recipes, I see many with fruit for breakfast, or dried fruit in the meat.
Clarifying that you’d like me to keep even these kind of recipes/meals for after lunch time for now?
Upon examination, you’ll notice at least a few things here.  One: I confess openly that I am a stress eater.  Two: I like sweets.
And she aims to break me of that, even if the sweets are of natural sugars!  AHHHH.  Help me!  I’ve already given up (*in the process of tackling all meals, not arrived yet) gluten-free toast, gf cereal, coffee and so on….I need a crutch!
What I need is determination.
August 22, 2017 5:47pm
(Her response.)

Dear Jessica,

Your dinner plan sounds great. The pie sounds delicious too! Something to keep in mind during this process is that too much sugar, even in the form of fruit and dried fruit can exacerbate a lot of autoimmune symptoms. Moderation is key. That being said, yes definitely hold off on fruit and sweet tastes for as long as possible during the day and do your best to limit to one serving of a dessert-type food per day, if possible. This includes AIP desserts too. We want to slowly start weaning you off of the sugar.
We’ll get there!! Just keep celebrating these small victories!! 🙂

I have a *major* mental block happening here.  Seriously.  Consider this encounter in the kitchen I relayed yesterday, recorded in my email to her:

7:00 pm  August 23, 2017
Hello Amy,
My schedule changed drastically today with the 1st day of school for 2 of my kids.  Up at 5am today, and a mixture of AIP & non-AIP again today.
5:50 am Breakfast:  It was AIP compliant, with leftovers from yesterday: 4oz turkey patty, vegetable medley, MCT oil in the pan and avocado garnish.  I had black tea w/stevia & coconut milk.  I couldn’t eat it all.  So I saved the remainder in a container in the fridge, intending to eat it later for snack…but almost 4 hours later….
9:30am Snack: …did not eat the leftovers that I made.  Instead, I chose the kid’s leftover gf pancakes with real maple syrup.  Not a shining moment here, I know, but I made that choice.  🙁  There is a mental block here.  I SHOULD HAVE chosen fruit, if I wanted that sweetness. But in my head, I’m like, “Amy said NOT to eat fruit…”  so I put that out of my mind WHERE CLEARLY fruit would have been a better AIP choice for me than pancakes.  I will choose fruit next time.  I need that sweetness, and unfortunately it seems I cannot get past mid-morning without it.
2:30 pm Lunch: Salad greens, balsamic vinaigrette, MCT oil.  Avocado.  4 oz of chicken sausage.  These are NOT as fatty as pork sausage. So I count them as a protein.  The spices, however, make them non-AIP, yet it’s a step in the right direction.  A small piece of AIP pie for dessert.
4:30pm Snack: had the kid’s snack, a flourless, dairy-free, gluten-free muffin.  Non-AIP, however (recipe included eggs & cocoa & pb).
7:15 pm: I’m sick stil today & not really hungry for a “proper supper”, so I had bone broth, the powdered kind that you add to boiling water.  I see it has black pepper in it.  Shoot.  I drank it though, with a T of gelatin in it.
Obviously, adopting the AIP is challenging to say the least, and it’s a process for me.  With the attempt there will be failing, making the victories that much more satisfying…shall we say sweet…along the way.
This auto-immune protocol, well, you can screw up your compliance for the day just by eating black pepper in your chicken sausage!  Black.  Pepper.  It’s VERY strict.  And it’s also temporary at 30-90 days.  It is not meant for long-term.
The goal, again as mentioned in other entries, is to give the body a reprieve from it’s self-attack (auto-immunity), and promote healing.  Then, slowly & methodically adding back in one food at a time.  This must be done according to plan, in order to identify offending foods, which will be different for everyone.  I might add coffee back in and have no symptoms return.  But if I eat a tomato, for example, I might have debilitating joint pain again, or a return of rashes or fatigue.  Essential to the process is journaling any signs your body gives for avoiding that specific food.  At the end of it all, you would expect to land somewhere in the Paleo diet spectrum, with possibly an occasional serving rice or quinoa if you can handle that as a “treat”.
Long story short, this is freaking hard.
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