Cooperate With Your Healing. Take two.


Streetlights on a rainy night.  But look at that sky!  Photo taken July 17, 2017 (aurora filter)

Skylines and contrasts of light intrigue me.  I find stories and parallels there.  Like this one.  The grey of autoimmune disease and daunting black of chronic pain are illuminated by the hopeful brightness beyond the clouds.  That’s where I place my eternal hope.  In the One who IS light itself.

Also I am indebted to the experts of the world who give their talents and time to actively helping those of us who need to “cooperate with our healing.”  That’s me.  I’m one of them.  The “slow as you go” group who need time, care, perseverance and a very specific plan to feel well enough to enjoy life & serve the ones we love.

I am not a quitter.  The time has come once again for me to try AIP.

?My goal is to do the autoimmune protocol again.  The joint pain, stomach problems and swelling have escalated since last year.  I *need* to do this.  The Hashimoto’s disease (and whatever else is brewing) just won’t give up, always finding new targets within myself to aim its stinging symptoms at.  Knees.  Back.  Finger joints.  Plantar fasciitis?  Remember that from last year?  On the most painful days, I *still* lay down at night wearing a foot brace.  It hasn’t retreated.

The gut problems of pain and intenstinal distress are flared up and plaguing me.

?The means by which I am actively moving ahead are: I’ve hired a health coach again, this time it’s one directly partnered with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne under “The Paleo Mom” who authored The Autoimmune Protocol.  Secondly, I went grocery shopping following the KISS principle.


This perfectly ripe avocado cut through like butter. Lovely.  Photo taken in my kitchen July 9, 2017.

Keep It Simple Sweetie.  Meats.  Vegetables: fresh, frozen, noodled or pulverized.  Fruits.  Full-fat canned coconut milk.  Avocados.  Tea.  Sea-salt & herb seasonings.  Kombucha and other fermented foods.  Olive/coconut/avocado oils.

The list of “no” foods is lengthy.  Even down to spices!  So…if you don’t see it listed above, well, I won’t be eating it.  Eventually, so.

?The mode of operation here will begin with tackling breakfast choices to start.  This was an idea I had when asked “How would you like to begin?,” by my new AIP health coach, Amy.  I have begun TODAY making sure to consume her recommended 2-3 cups of non-starchy vegetables, 3-4 ounces lean protein, plus 1.5 fats (she defines as either 1/2 avocado, or 2 pcs bacon, or 1 oz un-spiced sausage, or 1/3 c. coconut milk or 1 tablespoon oils).  If I would like two different kinds of fats listed above I simply reduce each amount so that when I add them together it will equal her equivalent of one and one-half fats total.

Each & every morning.  Veg.  Meat.  Fats.  Tea for me, although that’s optional.  Because….the best part of waking up, is….

Coffee?  Gone.  Now I have tea, with coconut milk and am currently weaning off of stevia, using 1/2 teaspoon per cup, and soon none at all.  But stevia is good for you!!!  AIP requires a temporary commitment to zero consumption of sweeteners…yes, even the heavenly herb of saint stevia.


AIP breakfast day one.  4 oz chicken, 2 cups raw spinach, wilted, 1/4 avocado, black tea with 3 T coconut milk, 1/2 t stevia (weaning off).  August 10, 2017

So if you are a “slow as you go” type of person like me with a daunting number of years that have passed without much relief, you are not alone.  This is for both YOU and me.  I am going to show you it can be done.  Cooperate with your healing.  We are worth it!

Progress not perfection, love.





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