Into the new year with gratitude.


Happy New Year to you, dear reader.

“May the best of last year, be the worst for the coming year.”  This sweet sentiment blessed me today by a loving aunt of mine.

Mixed in with doctor visits and physical therapy, diagnosis and dietary exploration, I’ve had a few deeply significant “bests” in 2016.  Most of all, we welcomed another bundle of joy into our family, a precious little girl.


At our favorite B&B 2016: answered prayer.

Full circle, God turned my mourning into joy!  From the depths of despair, in the tide of painful deaths & losses of 2014…to now.  It’s a time of celebration and jubilee.  Look what God has done! He gave us our little hummingbird, laid on the very bed where I mourned many losses two years before.  Our favorite B&B has hosted us through a tough season and now a season of rejoicing.

Our first-ever family beach vacation in 11 years of marriage went down in 2016 too.  A dream come true, a trip I have longed for for over a decade!   Was it crazy as a family of 6?-yes.  Exhausting?-you betcha.  But we did it and it was so worth it.  There was boogie boarding and sand skimming.  Castle building and moat filling.  Suntans and sand crabs.  Cousins to play with and waves crashing.  I loved it.


Virginia Beach, 2016

Another first:  an official professional “family photo” taken where my husband and I are actually visible, and not standing behind the photographer out of sight.

So, we actually exist, in case anyone was wondering.  We have proof now.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 9.16.31 PM.png

Family Photo 2016

I’ve found myself deeply cherishing life this year in a way that only can be experienced after Loss, with a capital L.  2016 was a year of jubilee.  Embracing the pain (of life, of physical ailment, of giving and loving) and finding glory in the mundane (every day tasks of life where I can practice gratitude and see God in it).

To you, my friend, have a lovely New Year.  May the Lord bless you, and keep you.



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