Listen to your body.

The fact that any food is gluten-free has totally lost significance.  Let me break it down like an equation for you.

X + Y = Z


Jessica + Grain = Pain

Through the thickets of autoimmune disease I’m finding this out.   If I’m jonesin’ for joint hurt then I should definitely eat bread, pasta, oats, or pancakes (even if it’s gluten-free).  It happens time & time again.  Grain in my gut is a sign-sealed-delievered invitation for symptoms to show up to my house.  My temple is weakened by them.  I can FEEL the difference.  The swelling.  The pain.

Want to read up on the connection?  Check out Against All Grain by Danielle Walker or Grain Brain by David Perlmutter for more information.

I’ve also been mostly dairy-free for over 5 years.  There have been the pregnancy cravings for ice cream, the occasional gf pizza extravaganza, or the simple smooth indulgence of cheese on its own.  Going down the hatchet it’s like heaven.  Boy, do I pay for that choice though!

As if giving up wheat & dairy weren’t enough, here we go having to tighten the reigns a little more, right?  Giving up ALL grains?  All of them?!  I’m working on that.

Not because it’s a fad or trendy.  Instead, it’s because my body TELLS me, and when I listen to the signs I’ve absolutely got to partner that with action.  God gives us wisdom and these intricately made houses for our souls.  I can’t take it for granted.


Artwork by The Frizz Kid a.k.a. Hana Shafi

Earlier this fall I made a concerted attempt to follow the AutoImmune Protocol.  September and October were spent giving it my best shot.  Lo and behold, the rigors of nursing, sleep deprivation, baby teething and stress choked out any hope of success.  I decided to put it on hold.  But I didn’t give up!  This time is not wasted.  I have been batch cooking and freezing AIP meals for when the timing is right.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about visit or check out their book here.

Small victory to celebrate: I went 24 hours with no grain yesterday.  Superstar!  Today has been successful too.

If you’ve also struggled to make the changes, if you hear your body “talking” to you and haven’t heeded the call, let me encourage you.  In fact, let’s encourage each other.

Progress not perfection. Keep taking those baby steps.  I seriously fail all the time because I keep trying!  That’s how it works…but it doesn’t define me as a failure.  It makes me evermore determined to succeed.

Don’t give up.



This has been One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s: Day 35


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