Broomstick lace for a happy place


As a young person, my mom and I sat on the couch in her “good room” where absolutely no toys were allowed –through the entrance that she only used for guests- and she taught me a few simple stitches of crochet.

There I watched Mom work on a blanket, and she would pause to demonstrate loops and how to use the hook.  Her beautiful long fingers and natural nails (always filed, self-manicured) moved around the yarn, showing me the way of crochet.  In that same room where Mom used to set up the Christmas villages on a wooden stand by the picture window, she gave me a gift: the art of crochet & the memory of us doing it together.  And both have stayed with me for over 20 years.

From a skein of yarn and a hook in my hand, I weave together a happy place of comfort & love.  Sometimes the projects are gifts for other people, my children or other times for myself.

Also, side note, it’s great therapy for anxiety.  For example, when traveling through an underground tunnel towards a beach destination on the East Coast. That was terrifying!  In the passenger seat of the family vehicle, my hands were kept busy curling the yarn around the crochet hook and pulling through loops, transporting nervous energy out of my body as we descended under the bay.  Tying yarn in knots instead of tying up my stomach with worry.


Mom asked me to try this new stitch: broomstick lace crochet.

Creative outlets. For me it’s absolutely necessary, whether as a stay-at-home mom or pursuing a full-time career, I must have that place to put my creativity to work.  I’m definitely not a crafty girl, though!  Scrapbooking makes me feel ill in a dizzy way.  I do enjoy drawing pictures with my kids.  Writing a blog post.  Taking a health & wellness class.  Making a short video on a product I’m using or research I’ve done.  Or crocheting.

Crochet is a special time of year.  

Crochet takes this season and loops it into memories,

not blown away by fickle, blustery autumn breeze.

But stayed here as warm blankets on laps and beds,

scarves around necks and hats upon heads.

You might notice that I’m not exactly using a broomstick handle for this project.  I didn’t have a symmetrical broom handle-they all have wider plastic areas for better gripping while sweeping up your kids’ crumbs.  But the handle on my husband’s sparring sword, hey that works perfectly!  It’s leather covering offers friction that holds the yarn loops perfectly, preventing anything from slipping off.  I bet he *never* thought his sword would be used like this.

Crochet therapy is proving useful at the moment.  Due to my health update:  preliminary x-ray & MRI results are back and I was referred to a neurologist.  The few minor findings the doctor described are not worrisome, but the search continues.  None of the results explain the Lhermitte’s sign.  More MRI views were ordered for next week..aaaaand I kind of had a teary-eyed anxiety attack most recently in the closed MRI tube.  Felt like that underground tunnel to the beach except this one was closing in on me and I couldn’t knit and purl in there!  So my guardian angel, who is named Scott by the way, held my ankle to comfort me.


Till next time.





Day 34 of One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s.

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  1. Left. Me teary eyed. You were an exception, you sat patiently and diligently during the learning process making it a joy to teach you. You were young enough and old enough, if that makes any sense. I still like manicured nails but as my hands age, as my body, the skin is thinner, the fingers are bending slightly because of arthritis I look closer to a time that used to be. It’s funny how I still enjoy crocheting but am not so eager to learn the broomstick stitch. By the way it’s beautiful. The scarf. ?????

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