Shock & awe

Hello.  And happy day-after Thanksgiving to you.  I have a lot to be grateful for.  Simple joys that make the heart full: God, my husband, children, a house, food on the table, and a warm bed to sleep in.  But, sit at my table with me, have a hot cup of tea and talk for a minute.  I sure could use a friend.  A listening ear.

In the midst of a happy grateful heart, there is an undercurrent of uncertainty.

I thought we nailed it.  I thought we had this thing pegged.  As it turns out, there may be another unearthed process occurring in my body beyond what already has been found.

Good news is, my endo finally prescribed Armour Thyroid, and the trial excites me!  It’s a natural desiccated thyroid medication or NDT.  This will be my fourth Hashimoto’s medication adjustment in 4 months, and with that rollercoaster ride has come ripples of anxiety, feeling ill, bloated and fatigued, along with sleeplessness from breastfeeding three times each night.  Therefore, as one could imagine, I have not been able to commit.  The Autoimmune Protocol is on hold, ladies and gentlemen, and I am not ashamed to say that it must be on hold for a bit longer.  Circumstances are not allowing for a full focus on the AIP, and I can’t force myself to do it during a time of medication changes and sleep deprivation.  Re-trial  mentally noted for January, but depends on the factors above.

In other news, through health-researching for a loved one of mine-because I am a health research geek, my breath caught in my chest.  I stopped right there in my seat.  Lhermitte’s sign.  It’s what has been happening to me since my fourth baby was born.  Having been convinced that this electrical shock sensation from the back of my neck down to my toes was simply that I needed a chiropractic adjustment, I have written it off as a back problem.  After all, she was a big baby, weighing in at 9lbs, 8oz.  That pressure sure could have caused some issues, right!?

The buzzing shock called Lhermitte’s sign happens when I move my neck downward, like putting my chin to my chest.  It doesn’t happen every single time, either.  It’s happened in the car, while in the driveway, looking down for the right key in my hand.  It’s happened after taking my baby for a short walk, and upon returning home, I wash my hands at the sink and look down to rinse them.  It’s happened on a family walk with my husband and kids looking down at my feet, and even sometimes when I’m sitting looking at the crochet project that my hands are busy with.

The shock of Lhermitte’s sign prompted me to call my doctor.  Mama called the doctor and the doctor said…”I want to see you on Monday”.  The following day I was sent for an X-ray of my head and neck, and will later be seen for an MRI.  The X-ray happened on Tuesday this past week, two days prior to Thanksgiving.  Results show that my bones are all looking good.  No bone spurs, injury or misalignment but a cyst in my brain was picked up incidentally…nothing to worry about…I knew about this already from a few years ago.  It’s calcification on my pineal gland.  Is it significant?  Nobody seems worried.

The MRI is a waiting game.  I haven’t had it done yet, but anxiously (trying not to be anxious) awaiting the phone call from scheduling.

What does this all mean?  I have no idea.  That twitch in my right thumb, the one that has persisted daily for a few weeks, seems more significant now.  I really don’t want to think about multiple sclerosis being a possibility, and yet that’s what I’m afraid of.  Don’t be alarmed, I mean there are no definite answers yet, and there are other reasons people get this symptom.  Take a deep breath.  

Really, I’m trying not to jump to conclusions.  But I cannot help it!  Am I the only one who goes to the worst case scenario?

I’ll be posting updates.






2 thoughts on “Shock & awe

  1. Been going through my own mental play dates: good, bad, and the ugly. We all gravitate to the worse. Maybe, it’s because if we go there, if the results aren’t terrible, we have a sense of relieve.

  2. As the saying goes “in the same boat” feels more like a covert mission submarine….came home from my mini getaway at mom’s to find that card “further views required” on last weeks mammo. In less than 24 hrs I have plotted 28 novels and some movies how this can all go…so yeah, Worst Case seems to be a popular place….

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