Rice replacement. Endocrinologist replacement?

Good morning everyone, or good day, as it were.  Did I mention I’ve been watching British comedies? I have recently enjoyed a local playhouse’s live theatrical production where the actors employed a British accent as well. Shout-out to all the Mousetrap players!

Right, moving along… if you are looking to adopt a Paleo lifestyle, or just reduce grains in general, you’ll want to give riced-broccoli or riced-cauliflower a try.   I tracked these psuedo grain sachets down at Trader Joe’s (after a tip from my AIP support group), but I wonder if you can get them anywhere else?  They’re a nice base for meat, warm leafy greens & heartier vegetables.


And speaking of replacements, I may just want to replace my endocrinologist.

Let’s give a quick summary:

1. He sees me July 2016, diagnoses me with Hashimoto’s disease and possibly a secondary autoimmune condition as well–still under investigation. Prescribes 125 µg of levothyroxine.

2.  After an increasing high & abundance of energy leading to a slow decline of terrible fatigue and feeling unwell, the endocrinologist adjusts my medication to 88 µg.

3. Only a couple weeks afterwards I begin to feel like sandbags are on my eyelids, can’t function properly and experience anxiety. He suggest taking me off all medication, and brushes off my request to let me try a natural alternative called Armour Thyroid.  I advocate for myself on the phone for 20 minutes and he finally agrees to reduce my levothyroxine 250 µg instead of taking me off of everything.

The plan: To reevaluate with my endocrinologist in about four weeks.   Well, this is really HIS plan. In the meantime, I am looking for someone else who will give me a second opinion, use natural alternatives, & look at the whole picture including diet, lifestyle, lab work, symptoms and the ultrasounds of my goiter and multiple nodules.

This past year all my lab work was “normal”- just why my family doctor missed the diagnosis – and upon being referred to a specialist the only thing that the endocrinologist mentioned was a bit off was that my T3 was on the low-end. So why is he treating me with a T4-only drug and expecting me to feel great on it?

Cytomel is a T3 only drug.

Armour Thyroid is a T3 and T4 combined drug.

There are other options out there. If my endocrinologist is unwilling to try a different approach, and just wants to take me off of all medication even though I felt a difference at first, then I am looking for somebody new.

All is not lost.  God bless him for at least giving me a name for this disease so I can target it adequately.

Today is the day!   In a couple of hours I see my functional medicine doctor. I am so excited/nervous.

Time to get ready.



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