Lesson learned




Batch cooking 101.  Grade: F.  Needs improvement on following directions.

When I opened the freezer door I was surprised to see this disaster.  My very first attempt at freezing a large batch of soup in mason jars resulted in icy shards of glass.  Oops.  Chalk it up to a learning experience with the added frustration of all that prep & cooking time, effort and money just ruined.  Ruined I tell you!

But…I had learned this method was an option for storing batch-cooks.  What did I do wrong?

Venturing out into uncharted stockpots, I owned the batch cooking adventure as a first timer.  I took on the kitchen task like a commando.  Copious amounts of food: prepped.  Cooked.  Cooled.  Stored.  …broken….  These 1/2 gallon Ball mason jars, well, they weren’t quite what my instructor advised.  Through my excited mental filter, it is unfortunately what I heard.

In conclusion, the correct glass jars are pint sized, wide-mouthed Ball jars.  Period.  End of discussion.  They are legit and have the official “fill here for freezing” line built into the jar’s design.

If you batch cook and intend on using glass to freeze (a way to reduce use of plastics in your life) then do yourself a mighty favor and get the right jars!


Second time was a charm.  Success!

Its amazing what you can do with the the right information!


Speaking of the right information, a free thyroid event is coming up soon for which I am a proud affiliate.  I sincerely value these lifechanging wisdom-sharing events.


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This has been Day 29 of One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s.

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