Brace Yourself

Let’s talk about orthopedic supports!  Okay, okay, take your seats everyone.  I know this is an absolutely riveting subject!

Got pain?  

Brace yourself.

Here are the products that’ve helped me with chronic joint pain:

I really like the ACE Plantar Fasciitis sleep support brace for nighttime.  It has a hard shinguard-type panel on the front that velcro’s around my calf, and another softer velcro strap that cinches around the ball of my foot, securing it in a flexed position.  This does wonders to minimize pain when my feet hit the floor in the morning!  Only to be worn while sleeping, it’s not made to walk around in.

Spenco Total Support Max Insole.  My foot specialist recommended these shoe inserts and they have a nice sturdy arch to keep those tendons on the bottom of the foot from falling.  It does make a difference.

FLA (For Living Actively) Knee brace. I started with size L, but after losing some weight the L is too big, and the M is too small.  As such, I’m waiting to fit in the M.

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace (Mine is similar with the same 2 adjustable velcro straps)  I don’t find the need to wear it often, but when I do the support feels like a nice hug around my wrist.

Helping Hands

Over the past 6 months, I’ve employed the helping hands from one chiropractor appointment, one reflexology & natural body alignment session, and lots of foot massages from my husband.  My foot specialist recommended epsom salt baths-which I was doing-but she’d like me to increase the regularity to everyday for 25-30 minutes.  For aromatherapy during the soak, I like to add 3 or 4 drops of lavender to the foot tub.  For days that are rushed (hey, I have four kids) I use Designs for Health MagneGel, which essentially does the same thing, only quicker in a rub-on solution.  (I support a local business and purchase the MagneGel from them, but the above link will get you the product information too.)

With Hashimoto’s disease, these braces plus bodywork have been *part* of the way I’ve controlled consistent pain over the past six months.  More importantly, I’ve noticed how food can either irritate my condition or help it, depending on my dietary choices.  Each person is so different!  For instance, I am learning through the AIP that my body reacts to tomatoes, eggs and corn which cause my joint pain to flare up (in addition to milk and wheat).

Read about the connection between thyroid & joint pain at the Mayo Clinic or this medical journal abstract from the US National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health.

What helps you manage pain associated with autoimmune disease?  Do you experience some relief by avoiding certain foods?



One Hundred Days With Hashimoto’s: Day 27

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