Pause on the Prosciutto

There was no time left to make myself a complicated breakfast.  The black tea, steaming hot and steeping, would soon be ready for coconut milk and honey.  I made my family baked gluten-free oatmeal from a recipe I still adore and they all love.  Since my dad was visiting, I just wanted to focus on having an easy, snacky dish for the six of them to enjoy.

For me, though, let’s see…something simple.  Aha!  I have sliced cantaloupe.  There’s the prosciutto in the deli drawer that I wanted to try out.  And fresh arugula from the CSA box.  (If you want to find an organic CSA that offers fresh-off-the-farm produce, look up your area here:

Honestly, the plate turned out really beautifully!  Visually pleasing, yes.  If I were out to eat, I’d order that.


Biting into one of the bundles for the first time, I found the prosciutto’s texture to disagree with my palate.  I tried again.  It was sort of gummy and slimy.  The taste combination blended nicely with the salty meat, sweet fruit and bitter greens.  The feel of it, though, put me off.  Do I need to cook it?  No, it’s ready to adorn your “bread, pears or melon” as the package says, giving options for savory or sweet compilations.

I might give this fancy, cured and thinly sliced meat another try someday, hot off the skillet though!  Is that kosher, I mean, would a true chef scorn me for that type of kitchen behavior?

If you have any great ideas for using prosciutto I’d sincerely love to hear them and give it another go!

As it was, later in the morning I did give in and have a bit of my baked oatmeal, feeling unsatisfied with my prosciutto rollups trial run.  Still in the gradual accepting of the AIP, my ratio of compliance is falling somewhere around 60/40.  I am happy with this progression, and expect to be 100% in another 4 months or so.  That should give grace to get through the holidays!

xoxo, Jessica

This has been Day 26 of One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s.

1 thought on “Pause on the Prosciutto

  1. Mmmmm pleasing to the eye. Otherwise not sure it would get past my palet.
    Interesting combo, sweet, salty and crunchy.
    Much love.

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