Day 24: One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Focus on gratitude

Let’s begin with a let down.  What happens to me internally when someone misses the mark, and falls short of their promises?  (We all do this sometimes, intentionally or not, don’t we?)  How do I feel?  What records do I play in my head about it?

The owner of an expert blogging consultation business recently made four separate appointments with me, rescheduling one time after another as she stood me up.  I’d be waiting.  The clock would tick past our arranged meeting.  No phone call.  No email to explain.  No apologies.  I asked myself how long I would put up with it.  I was gracious, but hurt.

Frustration set in because every time I had arranged for childcare so that my entire attention would be devoted to whatever mind-blowing helpful advice she’d give to grow my blog.  Why was Miss Thing doing this to me?  Finally, writing a letter to her, I made clear both my thankfulness of being able to have this one consolation *free*, but also my disappointment in having been stood up repeatedly.  I was able to give her an honest but respectful response to the offense.  In the end, I never did get to talk with her, although she made a visit to Small Kitchen Big Love blog and emailed me a few pointers.

Honestly, it took me some time to get over it, though.

I cannot stress enough how much our lifestyle and thoughts play into this war on ourselves called autoimmunity and its constellation of symptoms.  Gratitude is a “good guy” in the battle.  It combats negativity.

Thankfulness can help to silence the anxious thoughts and SHIFT the focus.

So, I made my gratitude list instead of continuing the thoughts of being let down by the blogging consultant.  Back from Friday August 26th, 2016:

1. An awesome food-shopping day. Incedible deals!  Lot’s of organic chicken.

2. Sister in law here from out of state

3. Husband took off work

4. Star gazing with him after kids were in bed.  Identified Milky Way, Corona Borealis, Big Dipper, and the Summer Triangle, and had a great time trying to find more!

More than making a list, sometimes choices have to be made to preserve peace.  Boundaries might have to be set with certain people.  A job situation might have to change, and so on.  But a thankful heart is a good place to start.  As the children’s program Veggie Tales says, “a thankful heart is a happy heart.”

How can you take a disappointing situation and identify a few things to thank God for?  What’s your top 4 on the gratitude list?

If you’d like some inspiration on how to be grateful in the moments of everyday life, written in a prayer-poetic style, try the book One Thousand Gifts: A dare to live fully right where you are.



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1 thought on “Day 24: One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Focus on gratitude

  1. Interestingly enough, I was also disappointed for you. I guess that’s a mom thing.
    My blood work as continually bounced all around. I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude about where I am weight wise. I’ve been trying to incorporate more of a healthy lifestyle.
    Seeing your struggle as a sense of encouragement to me, because I know it’s not all about being perfect.
    Thanks for your input.

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