One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Day 23: Sweet pear pie.

On the autoimmune protocol I can feel deprived at times, when the restrictions of the elimination phase are pretty darn tight.  BUT pie is good.  And believe me you, this AIP friendly pie saved me many a time that I had a need for something sweet and comforting.  A dollop of thick, full fat coconut milk on top was absolutely delectable.

You can get the details on how to make this in The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott.


Four pears, sliced.


Unfortunately I cannot give the full recipe disclosure here as, well, it’s not my book!  But these are my photographs of the process and finished product.



And the grand finale…


The final product, some eaten, some frozen and enjoyed over a two week period.


Even my Amish-pastry-loving husband went back for seconds.  Later that week, in the depths of the crisper, one very last piece was discovered, then thawed and topped with coconut milk and coconut sugar, and was savored.  Every bite.


I highly recommend you get Mickey’s book!  You can find a copy here.



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