One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Day 22: Before & In-Progress Photos

Hello, my name is Jessica and if you’ve been here before you know that I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s.  For the past six weeks I’ve taken my first long term prescription of my entire life, Levothyroxine.  That’s just the start, though, because during that time I’ve been preparing myself to start the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), a strict elimination phase of the Paleo diet.

During this phase lots of foods are strictly avoided to give the body time to heal from the inside out.  That kind of healing, in terms of food, begins in the gut where a ton of our immune system lies.  More than gut healing, I believe that my whole body, mind and soul contribute to a healing journey.  The foundation is my walk with God.  I also practice gratitude, positive thinking, gentle exercise, stress reduction and attempt to get proper sleep.  If only I could do all of those interventions perfectly at once, right!?  This is where I remind myself Progress Not Perfection and God’s mercies are new every morning.

When I’m feeling noticeable relief from my symptoms, I’ll begin adding one food back at a time.  It could take a few months to get there.  At that time of food reintroduction, it is done slowly, paying close attention to any reactions I might have to whatever food I’ve just tried to add back in.  For me, that means awareness of any joint pain, rashes, extreme fatigue or brain fog coming back from oblivion to weigh me down.

At this moment in time, I am weaning onto the AIP.  Here are the things I’ve begun to give up for the elimination phase:

  1. Nuts -including almond milk or cashew ice cream…bye bye my pretties
  2. Eggs
  3. Tomatoes or tomato sauces
  4. Peppers including ground black pepper
  5. Other nightshades like eggplant that I don’t eat often anyway
  6. Coffee (I have switched to black tea or my homemade Kombucha.)
  7. Cocoa or any chocolate
  8. Air and water.  Just kidding!

So, I’ve been really really reluctant to believe this, or report this, but even just weaning onto the AIP I’ve weighed in at 198 for over a week.  I think it’s official!  My weight hasn’t been under 200 in at least 2 years, prior to my miscarriage in 2014.  Seriously, this feat amazes me as Hashimoto’s makes me incredibly weight-loss resistant.  Working out put me in worse condition and gave me terrible flare-ups, read about that here.  The weight loss is currently due to a combination of healing foods, better sleep (now that baby does) and new medication; meaning no intense exercise has been attempted at all.  I keep house, take care of the children and have enjoyed mild walking.


9 months pregnant (11 days before baby)


BEFORE: Mar. 1, 2016 at 2 mos postpartum: having flare-ups, unknown diagnosis at this time.  I feel terrible.


IN PROGRESS: Sept. 8, 2016 at 8 mos postpartum, diagnosed and being treated for Hashimoto’s disease with medication and healing diet.

  • Last recorded pregnancy weight: 235 pounds
  • April 2016: 213 (4 mos postpartum)
  • June 2016: 209
  • August 2016: 206
  • Sept. 7, 2016: 198!


Would you like to celebrate with me?  Please leave a comment below!



Enjoying my nutritional manual, an AIP cookbook by Mickey Trescott.





2 thoughts on “One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Day 22: Before & In-Progress Photos

  1. I was reluctant to say I thought you had lost weight. You know that little dial on the scale sometimes doesn’t give a true picture of what’s before you. I’m proud of your success. Now for my endocrinologist to get me going again. It’s like peaks and valleys when you have Hashimoto’s disease. You know currently I am struggling.

    1. I am hopeful that the endocrinologist (who seems to be doing a thorough workup) will find the right balance for you. Those peaks and valleys are difficult to navigate, but we have each other. xoxo

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