One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Day 17: Perfect Birthday Gift


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I finally got it!  August 25, 2016

This came in the mail today: The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook.  And I hugged it.  I might have also squealed like a little girl.  I am so excited!  This gem is a gift to me from my husband and it is so perfect.  It’s a healing manual, it’s nutritional guidance, it’s going to be my companion in the coming months.  Praise the Lord from Whom all blessings flow!

I cannot contain my enthusiasm because this year has been monumental.  I see where I’ve been, and I can see where I’m going.  That Hashimoto’s thyroiditis diagnosis at the end of July this year has been a Godsend because I have a direction now.  I’m no longer wandering in the dark trying to find my way.  There is light!

Going from sick, fatigued, full of joint pain and seeking answers, I am voluntarily grasping at this chance to be well.  My health was taken away.  Quality of life made low.  One baby prematurely born (healthy) and one was tragically miscarried.  Energy sapped.  Vitality muted.  Pain radiating from joints, unable to exercise.  Once health and youthfulness are taken away, man…just how incredibly grateful I am to be SO close to reclaiming it.

You guys, let me just be my own health coach and pump myself up a minute here.  Preparations have begun in the kitchen with much more adventure on the way.  I’ve got my manual for eating now.  Supportive family members cheering me on.  Oh!  And I can’t forget that I have the *correct* type of jars to freeze my batch cooks in (batch cooking is simply cooking a lot at once to stock up and make life easier).  In Mickey Trescott’s AIP Batch Cook video, I watched her teach me how to multitask AIP recipes in the kitchen.  I was right about using a wide mouth mason jar in the freezer…aaaaand my ears heard wrong about *only* using pint size wide mouthed jars.  FYI: tall half-gallon mason jars bust a big set of cracked glass in the freezer.  Lesson learned!

Back to my bedtime reading.  My birthday present: the huggable hardback book.




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