One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Day 11: Cool Evening Walk


August 14, 2016

This evening’s walk was as sweet as candy.  Cooler air invited me to try again, my bones asking for it while the heat subsided.  What a nice night to savor a push of the stroller through the neighborhood.  I am celebrating a 1.5 mile walk!

My husband asked me to carry my phone along *just in case* I ended up in too much pain, he’d come to pick me up.

After a double knee injury in the spring, my shoes haven’t strolled more than a 1/2 mile walk along a wooded path to the fishing pond at the lodge; or a stretch of the legs around the closest parking lot, letting the kids ride their bikes.

For about 4.5 months now, that’s all the more I could do outside of daily chores in the house, or a short walk through the grocery store.  Earlier this year I was diagnosed with tendonitis and bursitis in both knees (possibly my feet too, although that is yet to be determined) and have not been able to enjoy a proper lengthy walk since then due to pain levels.  I understand the healing period for that injury can last a while.  First hand experience confirms that.  This type of injury can be linked to my autoimmune condition, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Another deterrent that discourages me from walking is heat intolerance (Hashimoto’s) that gives me uncomfortable nausea and sweats.  Every day throughout this summer the sick feeling even happens with the air conditioner set on turbo at home.  I sweat.  In the night, because of how our bedroom is situated, I sometimes sleep upside down to feel the cool air current more directly.

A postpartum exercise routine I put myself on at 8-weeks after baby went strong until 14-weeks postpartum when I hit a solid wall of pain, shaking, fatigue and upset IBS.  This was a major Hashimoto’s flare up, prior to being diagnosed, when my doctors hadn’t figured me out yet.  (They still wanted to put me on an antidepressant until I saw the endocrinologist who finally got it right.)

Last year during most of my pregnancy (April-December) I walked 5 days a week doing this same 1.5 mile loop I mentioned above.  The same loop where I took this gorgeous snap of the approaching sunset.  I am SO happy to be at it again.  To be honest though, my feet are aching badly at the moment, like I’m walking barefoot on rocks.  I don’t care.  It was worth it.

Ready to feel strong again,






6 thoughts on “One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Day 11: Cool Evening Walk

  1. You are strong, cutting through the pain. It’s utterly unimaginable that we have the same disease that affects us both differently. Me with major fatigue, then a rebound of energy, then another flare up. Realizing, weight, intolerance to heat, sweats in air conditioning and fatigue was not all about the aging process. Hang tough. I love you. By the way happy birthday. ???????????????

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