One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Day 10: Update


Organic purple carrots from our CSA box, Aug. 2016

The morning it happened, when my heart raced, followed an evening like this: Went to bed at midnight, woke up to feed the baby, it was 5:00 am or so.  While I was awake, I took my Hashimoto’s prescription medicine. Went back to bed until 7am.  That makes 2 hours of absorption time before eating.  I suspected that I took the medicine too early, although I’m not totally sure this is true.   Recommended wait time prior to eating is about 30-45 minutes.  Is it possible that prolonging breakfast made my heart jumpy?

Thankfully, it seems to have been a false alarm anyway.  My heart hasn’t raced like that one incident since earlier this week.  I take 125mg of Levothyroxine, and am on Day 22 of it.

Maybe it was stress.  Quality sleep (and quantity) has been hard to come by, and there are a few hurdles I’ve had to jump over recently in my personal life.  As if having an autoimmune disease wasn’t enough, you’ve got regular life to deal with too, right?!  

“Hashimoto’s is not my master, but it is my teacher.

It is not my prison, but it is my path.”

–Hashimoto’s Awareness Summit

Taking notes during the Hashimoto’s Awareness Summit *, I glided a pen quickly across my journal to catch the quote above.  There, it’s in tangible ink.  I’ve memorized it.  It’s true!  Insert your particular struggle in the place of Hashimoto’s.

I have found that every hard thing I have been entrusted to walk through in this life will teach me something along the way,  especially so when I allow God to be fully involved in that process. And if I listen for His voice.

I am listening, Lord.

Let your struggle be your teacher.  How have you heard God’s voice in the thick of it?



*I am a proud affiliate for them because I believe in their mission, their non-profit organization, and the information they are offering to others.


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