One Hundred Days with Hashimoto’s. Day 8: Take a lesson from her

Her slightly nasal Brooklyn accent is exaggerated when she’s cross.

“Eleven feet short?  I could understand eleven inches, but eleven feet?!”  Philan had ordered carpet to be laid in the basement of her home (and she also agreed to let me share her story here).  The installation was scheduled in advance of having company stay overnight, and it needed to be completely ready prior to their arrival.  Not only was the measurement incomplete, but “the guy” refused to move a few pieces of furniture aside, saying he couldn’t lift it.  After multiple disappointments with their service, she flipped, “That’s right!  You’re not lifting anything.  Now get outta here, just get out!”

She is 72, she is determined and she wants her carpet.

A personal visit to the home improvement store was next on my friend’s list.  Standing all of her 5-foot frame at the customer care desk, Philan listened as the attendant informed her that she’d have to wait longer for the original style of carpeting, that it’s not available right now from the factory.  After looking for a floor covering to equal her original choice, she decided the remainder of options were not up to par, “they’re awl crap.”

She countered in heightened volume and stronger Brooklyn-ese “If I were Hillary Clinton or Dawnald Trump would you get me my cawpet tomorrow?  Listen, I’m 72 years owld.  I’m retired.  I have nothin’ to do awl day.”

“I can come in here and wawk up and down your aisles awwwl day long.  I’m gonna tell everybawdy I see not to buy a cawpet here.”

I admire many things about her.  Spunk and determination are two of those qualities.  After all her effort, the goal was achieved.  Anyways, it was a service that she paid money to receive.  Inevitably a decent carpet was promised to be delivered and installed on time.  The way she tells it, Philan later asked her bible study gals to pray with her about the angry outbursts.  I smile because I can relate to her on so many levels.

Maybe your mission isn’t for cushy flooring.  If you’re like me, your goal is to find out the answer to your health mystery, and you’ve invested (time, energy, travel, money) in doctors to provide you with expertise to help you. So keep on pushing!  Keep on searching!  Don’t give up.

Here’s a few great resources I found on my journey with the medical field, helping with which labs to check, how to approach your doctor, how to deal when they think you just need an antidepressant and how to interpret the lab results.  You’ll find more than that as you read through the material.  I hope it helps you too.

Just a few of the resources I used along the way:

Hypothyroid Mom

Dr. K News

Thyroid Loving Care

Stop the Thyroid Madness

Also, here’s a link to a set of talks from authors, doctors and experts that I thoroughly enjoyed and drew lots of valuable information from: Hashimoto’s Awareness Summit.  The summit was broadcast for free earlier this year, but you can look into their New York based nonprofit.  The set of talks is available to purchase at this link.  I am an affiliate for this summit.

So take a lesson from my friend with the Brooklyn accent.  If you have to pursue your answers awwwwl day, do it!  Don’t give up.

God bless you,







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