Abs are made in the kitchen

Hey guys, long time since I wrote!  Reason: tendonitis and bursitis in both knees, diagnosed a few weeks ago by our family M.D.  

Turns out that going from zero to sixty postpartum is not good for thirty-something year old joints.  

My schedule was something like this:

6-weeks postpartum: 7-minute workouts, light.

8-weeks postpartum – 14 weeks postpartum kept a PiYo schedule of up to 6-days a week, never less than 3.  It’s a BeachBody workout that’s high-intensity but low impact.

14-ish weeks postpartum: shaking during workouts and knee pain that stopped me in my tracks.

Took a break from PiYo thinking that a day or two of rest would cure me.  See at this point baby is still up nursing every 2 hours through the night, and I figure it’s sleep deprivation making my body glitch out.  So, that “day or two” has turned into about 8 weeks of rest.  Doctor said I did too much too soon.  Not even walking?  Nope.  The order of the day should be low & slow: less distance and easing into workouts.  

The repetitive motion of PiYo, even though it is low impact, caused this, is what Doc said.  So, I’ve been not working out, but have adapted my eating to an even more refined art form in order to compensate for not being allowed to exercise.  Hence: Paleo for the majority of my choices.

Mostly meat, veg & fruit.

Eating backyard garden.

Still gluten free.

Still dairy reduced.

Still sugar reduced.

Still grain reduced.

Learning new things! Like Paleo wraps I make, and avocado pudding, and cauliflower rice.  It’s a new landscape of food.  An adventure.

Weight disclosure after asking Doctor what I weighed last year in my chart:

Feb. 2015 prior to latest pregnancy, still depressed after miscarriage: 213 pounds

January 2016 last pregnancy weight taken prior to delivery: 234 pounds

June 2016: 209 pounds

Slowly snail-pace making progress.  If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for.  You better work, Jess!  So had a baby, and now weigh less than when I got pregnant!  Yeah!

So for now, abs are made in the kitchen, by food choices, due to knee injury.  Hoping to walk, yoga, PiYo, swim more soon.

Xoxo, cheers, Jessica

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