Chamomile citrus tea to encourage restful sleep. at a B&B get away with hubby April 2016.

Insomnia.  Itchiness.  Nausea.  Feeling like there was a rock in my stomach.  Allergies.  IBS.  Eczema.  Irritability.  This was the normal everyday occurrence.  For years I hadn’t felt well.  I was tested at the doctors office.  Nothing concrete ever showed up to explain my symptoms.

Then I met Chloe’ through a reference from a college friend when I mentioned that I needed to find answers about my body!  Well, we “met” by phone because she lives in sunny California and I live in rural Pennsylvania.

Back in 2010, because of Chloe’s 6 months of health coaching and care, I went 100% gluten free & 100% dairy free after a 14-day elimination diet revealed my two main culprits.  The goal was clear: make alternative choices and reduce your symptoms.  I felt SO good choosing to eat that way, that I extended the elimination diet for over the 14 days, then 48 days, which turned into months.  I lost 15 pounds without trying.  I felt amazing.  Slept better.  My seasonal allergies, eczema and IBS all greatly improved.  I felt so wonderful!

Then I got pregnant with baby 3, happily.  Months later my dad questioned if I was actually pregnant because at 5 months along I still wasn’t showing much.  Around the time of my second trimester I began to crave milk, ice cream, and baked goods.  I got a little cocky, like, “I feel great!  A little bit of wheat can’t hurt.  Mama’s craving ice cream! Nom, nom, nom.”  Mistake #1.

Mistake #2 has been only devoting myself to 85-90% gluten & dairy-free basically from that time on.  I’ve been way too lenient with my choices for way too long, because I suspect that has been *one* of the causes of my inflammation and inability to lose weight.  You see after my lovely baby 4 was born earlier this year, I lost 24 pounds quite easily.  I thought the trend would continue like that! Unfortunately, weight loss has halted.

In fact, I was working out 3-6 days per week for two months with no weight loss when my body began glitching out on me.  What’s this?  All of a sudden I’d shake during workouts.  I’d feel weak.  My knees began to ache even though my jam workout, PiYo, is low impact.  My feet began to ache and hurt to walk.  My back pains keeps me up at night.   What the what is going on!?!?

If going completely GF/DF is one solution, the *other* solution is getting proper sleep.  Recently I read that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can make for a slow recovery after workouts, among other things.  I’m not kidding ya’ll: my baby has me up every 2 hours through the night.  This is month 5 of that.   You might say I have baby-induced chronic fatigue.  I’ve found that no one really truly understands the sleep-deprivation like a nursing mother does.  And, no, I don’t get a chance to sleep in the afternoon on most days.  I have 3 other children!  I prep supper meals! I do chores!  I run errands!  On the occasional day I’ll lay down.  So, for a time I am easing off the workouts and inviting more loving and gentle movement until this Mama has the luxury of recuperative sleep.  Hopefully that will be a piece of the puzzle in curing me of the glitches.

Last, but not least, I gave up all refined white sugar and brown sugar.  Why?  Sugar is inflammatory in the body.  My knees, feet and back are screaming out for help and I will add a sugar-detox to reduce my pain level.  Currently allowing honey, stevia and maple syrup as sweeteners.

Goal: reduce inflammation, pain level and body glitches

Method: Eat 100% gluten free.  Eat 100% dairy free.  Choose gentle exercises.  No refined sugars.  Attempt to get sleep whenever possible.

Week 2 of this plan began yesterday.  I’ve already noticed a 2 pound loss on the scale.  No I’m not kidding!!

Special thanks to my forever health coach, Chloe’.  You inspired me six years ago to become a health coach too and still support me to discover better ways of taking care of myself today.

Love and gratitude to my husband for the restful getaway, time to breathe and togetherness.



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