Mama’s Out-the-door Bowl



This is my “better-than-drive-thru bowl”, contents subject to change. It works, though, mom-tested and approved.

If today’s plans include running kids to doctor’s appointments, back home and then to school afterwards, you better believe I’m going to be hungry at some point.  This is my plan: have this bowl stocked & ready after grocery-shopping.  Each time I go for groceries, part of putting everything away will include double-checking this bowl.  I’d like to add some protein sources too, besides that Luna bar and trail mix.  Possibilities for sure are the paleo beef jerky, with no gluten or nitrates, like the kind made by Krave.  Now, they are expensive.  But if I reserve that treat for road trips maybe it’d be acceptable.  My favorite flavor is sweet chipotle!

Open to other suggestions!

Hope you can get your Mama’s bowl ready too.  Tell me your success story!  How do you plan ahead for healthy eating on road trips, near or far?

God bless you.




2 thoughts on “Mama’s Out-the-door Bowl

    1. Good point! If you have some grabby gorillas then do what you must! Is there a spot where it will be in plain sight to you at your height, but not to the kids? Maybe a high shelf? Anywhere that you can grab and run. Blessings to you Dara.

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