Blue Yoga Mat Exhaustion


imageI threw in the towel and put my forehead down on the blue yoga mat, feeling my chest heave in and out to catch my breath.  Ready to sweat, I had attempted my Pilates/Yoga crossbreed workout called PiYo, and I could not even make it through.  Granted it’s a 40-minute workout nearly, but this is my favorite one-Sweat Day–where you are most certainly cleansing those pores by the end.  There’s core day, buns day, upper body, and so on…but Sweat Day is my jam! Only 15 minutes left, and I could not go on.

Sleep deprivation is the top suspect in a room full of suspicious looking criminals that tend to sabotage my workout–and food–choices.  Sleep has got a guilty look on its face.  Look at him, sneering at me.  Did you know that one common trick of oppressors to gain control of their subjects is sleep deprivation?

Let me just stop right there, switch gears a moment, and quote a guy who happens to be an author and Paleo diet advocate, the Civilized Caveman, who recently said:

“You are not in a monogamous relationship with food.  There is no cheating.  

Only choices.”

I love that, don’t you?  No cheating, only choices.  That’s freedom!  ‘Cause it’s my choice if I eat a pint of Chocolate Therapy.  That’s why I also love the concept of “crowding out”.  It’s a little something I learned during my one-year certification as a holistic health coach with IIN.  Make a choice to add in more leafy greens, drink more water, eat more fruit and whole grains, lean meats and more vegetables…then, like, where’s the room for the junk food?  Less.  And then less still.  Until you reach a point where maybe you don’t crave the junk so much, or then not at all.  I’d like to get there, to that point, where I’ve crowded out all my poor choices.  (I’d like to say that spiritually too; to crowd out all my poor choices by walking in the light of Jesus…I have another blog post about this later on.)

Yet, to truly capitalize on my PiYo workouts or even on the food concept of crowding out, some foundational things need to be in place, and SLEEP is one.  If this key area of life is lacking, so many side effects occur: to name a few off the top of my head there are hormonal disruptions including cortisol that contribute to belly fat, higher levels of inflammation, higher rates of certain diseases, memory loss, depression, risks for driving automobiles.  Take a moment and look it up on Web MD or another source, and read more about how lack of sleep affects health beyond this short list.

Falling way short on the recommended 7-9 hours per night, I am severely in need of rest.  Time to shut down the computer and try, try, try again to catch some Zzzz’s.  Will the baby cooperate tonight and let Mama sleep?





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