Drive-thru Regrets

Drive-thru’s happen.  They just do.  No judgement here, just truth.  Mama said they’re’d be days like this!  By 9:00 am, after feeding four children, I was famished without food, coffee or water for myself, I gave in.  Ahead of me was the road to our local walking trail and after a few more minutes of driving I knew we’d have a great time with my mom there.  I just *had* to eat first though, and so I gave in and steered toward that soy-milk latte at Sheetz and a breakfast sandwich.  You know what, that coffee was really soothing & delicious.  Not my every-day indulgence, but it was comforting and warm.  However, upon first bite of that sandwich I knew I already regretted it.  The sides were over-microwaved and the steaming insides were really flappy, like hot plastic.  Ew.

Note to self: just grab something from home before taking off on that road.  Let me just do a quick brainstorm and think of what I had at home to grab: an apple, walnuts, raisins, almond milk, & gluten-free bread.  That’s without thinking too hard.  Sometimes in the midst of “getting out the door” with all the planning, dressing, potty-ing, nursing and packing a mother does, the mother-care gets lost in the pursuit.  Mommy’s needs get left behind.  But hang on a second, aren’t we important too?

Here is my encouragement to myself and to you: YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Take that extra moment to plan ahead.  Even when impromptu plans pop up, like enjoying a walk with Mom (Nana-banana), just take an extra 5-minutes to be sure you are also taken care of.

Oh, wait a minute!  Here’s a genius idea for myself: pack a few baggies full of these “road snacks” so they’re ready when I am.  Hmmm…why didn’t I think of that sooner.  What can you pack for yourself & have on hand to avoid travel hunger & drive-thru regrets?

PS: on a good note: Fitbit says over 5000 steps now!  And we got some Vitamin D & Vitamin L for love.  Not all was lost.  Thanks Mom for beautiful walk with the glistening water nearby, the train tooting it’s horn, and the ducks flying overhead and paddling across the creek.  You are my favorite walking partner.


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