the journey of a lifetime

A journey begins with a single step.  9,200 steps show on my Fitbit at dusk last night so I made progress!  That’ll be one of the mottos I repeat to myself over the next 12 months:  “progress not perfection” in my fitness quest.  Already 10 years into the discovery of a better way to health, I’ve got a long way to go yet!  Never stop learning, Jess.  Once you think you know it all, you’ve proved yourself a fool.  Oh, how I’ve proven that too many a time in the past.  Let me continue on in humility.

Three lightweight, smooth stones are in my pocket for the journey. Do I feel down today?  I will reach into my pocket and retrieve a stone called “kindness” for myself & for other mamas who struggle with postpartum weight loss. Did I flub up? The second stone is “God’s grace” which will help me forgive myself & try again, love myself where I’m at today, and love others too.  Do I need encouragement on this long path?  The third stone is “my husband’s unconditional love”.  I value him, his love & support more than gold.

Throughout the next 12 months I’ll be posting my travelogue at least once a week with workout adventures, before & afters, non-scale victories, what I eat (or shouldn’t have eaten) and scary scale numbers.

Now the hardest leg of the journey begins over and again…daily: get moving & eat well despite the hurdles of mothering, time constraints, hormonal changes & severe sleep deprivation. Each & every day I’ve got to make that choice, over roots of body pains and boulders of energy lows.  With your encouragement, I bet I can do this.

Erasing all my beginning paragraphs to cut down to the nitty gritty.  I’m just going to lay it all out here on the line.  I’m overweight.  This is going to change.

Hi, I’m Jessica, and this is my blog.  My 36-year old body will transform *s l o w l y* from a squishy postpartum huggable softness, into a still huggable leaner, fit mama.

Time to grab some key fitness fuel: a good night’s sleep.  Nice job if you can get it, mamas!

Cheers, Jess

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  1. This is amazing, well of course it is…you are an inspiration to me in all areas. I so need to tagalong on your fitness journey! I am so proud of you for doing this ?

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